Polyanna is just begging for it

Henry Hughes

Polyanna is just begging for it.  I’ve always expected the worst and, in the end, everything worked out well, perhaps because anything would have been an improvement on what I thought would happen. All these “Hope for the best” types are just begging to be abused and disappointed, really now, aren’t they?



2 thoughts on “Polyanna is just begging for it

    • What brought this old thought of mine to mind was reading the new book by Oliver Burkeman, The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking. ” He points to interesting studies that show that “positive-thinkers” are less happy. Two possible reasons for this are: 1) They don’t spend enough/any time thinking about what could go wrong and, therefore, fail to avoid obvious pitfalls. 2) When disaster strikes, and disaster always will strike, they are less able to handle it, get over it, because they just “didn’t see it coming.” Interesting book, I recommend it.

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