After the storm

drying seafoam brackley beach

Crows wheeling freely
Above the grasping branches
Our concerns not theirs
Howling all night long—the wind
Laughed full-throated at our plans



Buddha, Life is a Cabaret

“吾未見好德,如好色者也。/ I have yet to see anyone who loves virtue more than sex” — Analects, Confucius.

Buddha,  you say

life is only a handful
of loose sand tightly held
in a closed fist
slowly let go

so what

Buddha, you say

the world passes away
we as in a dream are
connected but fleetingly
and not in fact

so what

Buddha, Life is a Cabaret

a few naked hours
embraced tightly
in each other’s arms
is time and world



To read or download a copy of “Songs about Sex, Death and Cicadas” by Andrew Grimes Griffin, click on this link. To download a copy, right click the link, and select “Save link as…”

Songs about Sex, Death & Cicadas by Andrew Grimes Griffin

Monkey No Aware #9 — Religion is brainwashing then bullying

lacrimae rerum by Andrew Grimes Griffin

Religion for children is about brainwashing, for adults it’s about bullying.

People who convert to a religion as an adult, especially a religion like Buddhism that is largely foreign to their culture, can cherry-pick the doctrines of their newly adopted faith. They like to claim it is about freedom of choice. But for the vast majority of people, religion is not and never will be about freedom – it starts off as brainwashing and then becomes bully and/or be bullied.