Buddha, Life is a Cabaret

“吾未見好德,如好色者也。/ I have yet to see anyone who loves virtue more than sex” — Analects, Confucius.

Buddha,  you say

life is only a handful
of loose sand tightly held
in a closed fist
slowly let go

so what

Buddha, you say

the world passes away
we as in a dream are
connected but fleetingly
and not in fact

so what

Buddha, Life is a Cabaret

a few naked hours
embraced tightly
in each other’s arms
is time and world



To read or download a copy of “Songs about Sex, Death and Cicadas” by Andrew Grimes Griffin, click on this link. To download a copy, right click the link, and select “Save link as…”

Songs about Sex, Death & Cicadas by Andrew Grimes Griffin


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