Seneca and Damien Hirst

Damien HIrst Diamond Skull

It is almost as if Seneca were discussing Damien Hirst 2000 years in advance.

“You’ll have to bear with me if I digress here. Nothing will induce me to accept painters into the list of liberal arts, any more than sculptors, marble-masons and all the other attendants on extravagance.”

Seneca, Letters from a Stoic, Letter LXXXVIII


John Mackenzie: Out of the Corner of my Eye

Out of the Corner of My Eyes by John Mackenzie, from his upcoming poetry album.

Mumbling Jack

People deserve a chance to be aware (or be wary) of what’s coming. So here’s Out of the Corners of My Eyes, a single from the aforementioned album. That file is hosted in Google Docs for the moment, so to listen to it you’ll likely have to download it.

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John Mackenzie: Mumbling Jack

John Mackenzie is a brilliant poet and hell of a mumbler. If you are a lover of beautifully crafted poems mumbled to perfection, you will not want to miss this.

Mumbling Jack

I’ve been sitting home with Audacity and a headset microphone (with a red foam clown nose stuck on the end of it as a filter) recording poems I’m going to offer for sale as a digital album called Mumbling Jack. Nothing fancy, just me and my cigarette voice reading some words I knocked together over the past few years. It should be ready in the next few days. A download link will be provided. Payment will most likely be via paypal. Price? I’m thinking $5.99 cad. 16 poems.

Also in the near future, I intend to offer the poems in the album, plus others, as an ebook.

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Monkey No Aware #14 The Trouble with Saving Souls

lacrimae rerum by Andrew Grimes Griffin

The concept of a “soul,” is surely among the most reactionary, anti-human concepts every created. It posits something that is unchanging, and life is about change. It is supposed to be the essence of you, but it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to “god”; therefore, in order to save it, god’s representatives, be they priests, rabbis, mullahs or Dalai Lama’s are justified in doing anything – including enslavement, torture and murder. You don’t need to look to the middle ages for examples – just look to the Evangelical Christians who force their gay children to undergo therapy to cure their homosexuality or the Muslim father who slaughters both his daughters to protect his and their honor. These things, and worse, are being done today in order to save eternal souls.