The Catalog of New Emotions: Disrobia


Disrobia (pronounced: /dɪsˈroʊ biə/) noun — the mixture of lust, anticipation, curiosity and dash of trepidation felt while undressing someone you are about to have sex with for the first time.

Usage:             She had not felt such intense disrobia since she was sixteen.

Disrobia is one of the best parts of having sex with someone new.

Etymology:  The excitement, anticipation and building sexual tension all make disrobing someone else before sex a very unique experience, especially when it is the first time. Even the most experienced and expert lovers will often fumble over the belts, snaps, buttons and clasps.

The Catalog of New Emotions is a project to refine our emotional sensibilities through the creation of new emotions and the development of a vocabulary to express these new emotions. If you would like to contribute to this project leave a comment. Your definition of the new emotion should include pronunciation; examples of usage; etymology of the word and why this new emotion is necessary.

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