Run, Hansel & Gretel, Run


Overnight a witch
Sugar-coated the whole town
Every tree car sign
Smothered in cotton candy
A confectioner’s delight


To read Songs about Sex, Death & Cicadas by Andrew Grimes Griffin, just click on the link. To download a pdf, right click on the link and select “Save link as…”

7 thoughts on “Run, Hansel & Gretel, Run

  1. Thank you, you are very kind. No, I do not paint. I have largely confined my creative activities to writing poetry, plays and prose, with some performance thrown in for good measure, and you?

    • i do not paint with a brush coz i lack talent, but with a pen and a paper, i doubt that you can out do me in painting poetry, i am a t.v/radio script writer and i am currently working on a Novel.are you up for a poetic challenge

  2. It was like that here in Charlottetown as I left work Wednesday night/Thursday morning. There’d been fog, and then a mild freeze. The bare trees, the lindens, maples, and elms were spectacular.

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