The Catalog of New Emotions: Clitorecstasy


Clitorecstasy (pronounced: / klɪtərɛkstəsi/) noun — describes the state of delight, surprise, and relief that a woman feels when she realizes that her lover is cliterate, i.e. her lover has the ability to navigate the clitoris based on an understanding that it is fundamental to the female orgasm.

Usage:             She never failed to be surprised by the feeling of clitorecstasy.

Dare she hope that entering Maria’s bed would lead to clitorecstasy?

Etymology: The word originates from a suggestion by Catherine Jones to incorporate the word cliteracy into the catalog.

The Catalog of New Emotions is a project to refine our emotional sensibilities through the creation of new emotions and the development of a vocabulary to express these new emotions. If you would like to contribute to this project leave a comment. Your definition of the new emotion should include pronunciation; examples of usage; etymology of the word and why this new emotion is necessary.

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2 thoughts on “The Catalog of New Emotions: Clitorecstasy

    • If you click on the word Cliteracy in the post it takes you to Sophia Wallace’s blog. As the note says, the whole entry was sparked by a friend’s desire to incorporate Sophia Wallace’s neologism into The Catalog of New Emotions.

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