Sodom etc. Bhí Sodomach ag Damhsa


Bhí Sodamach ag damhsa ar an tsráid aréir. Cá bhfuil an fear sin anois? Sodam agus araile./ A Sodomite was dancing in the street last night. Where is that man now? Sodom etc.

21 years ago this month the Sodomites with Flashlights presented Sodom etc. — a seminal piece of queer art. To  commemorate the anniversary, I will be posting excerpts, pictures and other material traces left by the show.

As the month goes by, just click on the Sodom etc. tag below to see everything posted.

Sodom etc. drew heavily on celtic folklore and legend, and particularly fairy-lore. After Christianity arrived, the Celtic gods were relegated to the shadows as the “Na Daoine Maithe/the Good People” or “Na Síoga/the fairies.” One tradition held that the fairies were fallen angels. Sodom etc. played on this by saying that the fairies, Sodomites and queers were all fallen angels–eternal outsiders with their own shadow histories.

As part of a non-advertising campaign posters were posted around Ottawa written in Irish Gaelic–Gaeilge–a near-dead language intelligible to only a very few, purveyor of a shadowy, lost tradition , the distinctive angel icon linking them to English language posters.

As the month goes by, just click  here to see everything posted about Sodom etc.

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