Sodom etc. Sock Puppets Speak


A page of quotes included in the program for Sodom etc. Mar 28, 1992, Gallery 101, Ottawa

Sodom etc. drew on a vast variety of texts for direct and indirect inspiration: Oscar Wilde, The Koran, The Bible, W.B. Yeats, Chinese poetry, A.E. Housman, St. Augustine, Irish folklore, Shakespeare, Plato and the Physiocrats, to name a few. The goal to was trace of filigree of faggotry from the earliest times to the present, to reveal the layers of thought and desire that accumulate in the heart of the modern homo.

21 years ago this month the Sodomites with Flashlights presented Sodom etc. — a seminal piece of queer art. To  commemorate the anniversary, I will be posting excerpts, pictures and other material traces left by the show.

As the month goes by, just click  here to see everything posted about Sodom etc.


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