The Catalog of New Emotions: Googlish


Googlish (pronounced: /ˈgug lɪʃ/) adjective — being curious to a very mild degree, so much so that you may or may not take the time to google the topic that barely aroused your interest.

Usage:            By the time she was in a front of her computer, she was no longer googlish.

After watching Lincoln, he was googlish to know how historically accurate it was.

Etymology: It has never been easier to look up facts. Paradoxically, interest in doing so has never been lower.

The Catalog of New Emotions is a project to refine our emotional sensibilities through the creation of new emotions and the development of a vocabulary to express these new emotions. If you would like to contribute to this project leave a comment. Your definition of the new emotion should include pronunciation; examples of usage; etymology of the word and why this new emotion is necessary.


To see all the entries in  The Catalog of New Emotions, click here.

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