Four Tankas


Even the moon stayed
Longer than you who arrived
After midnight—left
Before dawn—was I only
Dreaming about you?—The moon?

A bright, moist March day
Teases me with hints of spring
The night cold again
A branch scratches the window
But where’s your knock at my door?

Cold March morning rain
Washes away winter snows
Soon just memories
Perhaps only I will cherish
Who else will mourn your passing?

I dreamt you were lost
In a snowstorm whirling white
I waved—I shouted
—Your eyes frozen—ears ice-stopped—
Could’ve sworn you were smiling


These four tankas were written independent of each other over the space of about a month, but it seems to me that they somehow belong together.

Original Posts:  AGG20130303 (For Cutty)AGG20130310 (For Cutty),  AGG20130312AGG20130220 (In Memoriam M.E.),

To read Songs about Sex, Death & Cicadas by Andrew Grimes Griffin, just click on the link. To download a pdf, right click on the link and select “Save link as…”


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