bird étude 2 the longest day

The Longest Day
(Summer Solstice, Yukon)
for M.S.

The stars are absent, now,
a multitude of impossible patterns,
replaced by one brightness
shining sun-circle constant.

I will linger in the northwest
while you follow the light east,
go back through the mountains
which invited us to climb them,
kiss their deceptive smoothness,
revel in their cracks and wrinkles,
caress with hand and tongue
ancient fire bones laid bare.

If we surmount these challenges,
ascend, it will be to separate
peaks though different pasts.

So, today, before you left,
I scaled a small bluff,
little feet of these mountains,
found wildrose petals
whose soft scent will gentle fade,
and offered them to you.

(AGG20130407 redux)

Impossible love takes us to places we never imagined going, so I found myself alone in the Yukon in 1986.

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4 thoughts on “bird étude 2 the longest day

    • Thanks, I am totally obsessed. I only left my room once all weekend to go to brunch and the grocery store. Apart from that it was keyboard, computer, record, compile, keyboard, computer ad nauseum. It was, however, fun to remember the ravens of 27 years ago.

      • Good, keep at it.

        I should start gathering images and background audio, and think about making some little videos of my own.

      • Most definitely. Mike’s song Groom to the Salt was my gateway drug. When I went to post it, I discovered basic wordpress does not allow posting of mp3, but it does allow you to link to videos on Youtube, so I had to change it into a video.

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