Magnolia Palinode (and process notes)

John Mackenzie, ever ready for a poetic challenge, took up the concept of a palinode with alarming grace and ease.

Mumbling Jack

The other day my friend Andrew,  of the fine tankawanka blog, brought the concept of the palinode to my attention. I hadn’t heard of it before that. Basically a palinode is a poem in which the poet retracts something said in an earlier poem. (Not that I ever, ever, ever feel any need to take anything back, or, as Andrew put it, “Of course, neither you nor I have ever said anything in any poem that would need recanting.” ) I don’t know how many of these I’ll ever write, but it’s a fun exercise that can serve to force a person to step aside at least from their normal or habitual perspective—and that is invaluable in maintaining the freshness needed in writing.

I’ve attempted retractions of two recent poems in this one. I’ll link to each post in the poem.

Magnolia Palinode

Less than
stars in the sky

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