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On Blooming Point Beach
They  are sitting patiently


Depth Charge: A section of Blooming Point Beach on Prince Edward Island is an unofficial nude beach and it also can be a cruising spot.

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Miroslav Holub, Battlestar Galactica and Peter Pan

Battlestar Galactica Last Supper

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Any fan of Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica tv series will recognize the phrase, “All of this has happened before,” a statement of eternal return, one the series’ main themes. Most fans will also know that Moore actually stole this line from Disney’s Peter Pan after watching it with his daughter, and that it originates from J.M. Barrie’s original text.

Recently, I found a copy of Miroslav Holub’s Selected Poems in a second hand bookstore. It was a delight and this delight was further compounded by discovering the lines “All of this has happened before./All of this has happened again.”  in his poem “Lovers in August.”

I can’t help wondering if Ronald D. Moore is aware of Holub’s poem and that they both pirated the same source, yet another example of the larcenous nature of poetry and creativity in general. I continued the cycle of thievery with my own poem, Miroslav’s Cicada.


When the little fish

Blooming Point PEI IMG_20130726_150537

When the little fish
Dive—startled by your beauty
They are silver darts
Piercing painful—then you leave
Me with my splinter-shot heart

(for Cutty)

Depth Charge: In the face of beauty

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Miroslav’s Cicada

Lichen landscape IMG_20130725_152312

no one has the time today
just to sit and do a little haunting.
from Water Sprite by Miroslav Holub

shattering the silence
would be the breaking of a mirror
and bring at least seven years
of shared bedtime stories
and a bad blood ending

tricked by faux love songs
you meet your end
in the jaws
of a clever katydid

I lay no claim
to your sad, sad song

shattering the silence
(is the breaking of the mirror)
is the breaking of bread
is the sharing of
discrete delusions
(is the beginning of the end
that has happened before
and will happen again)


Depth Charge: Miroslav Holub, Battlestar Galactica and Peter Pan

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Monkey No Aware #21 — Hopelessly Hopeful, Awkwardly Optimistic

lacrimae rerum by Andrew Grimes Griffin

Perhaps the proof positive that humans are hardwired to be insanely optimistic is the way in which we always greet the news of someone’s death as if it were something unexpected. She could have been 95 years old and riddled with cancer, but when we hear she has died, it comes as a surprise, like “Really? Oh, I thought maybe SHE would be the one to live forever.“


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