Mythical Creature


How can such a creature exist,
One minute resting corpse-still,
The next all dragon-golden coiling mist,
How to speak to such a being,
One minute loud as thunderclaps,
The next silent as the abyss.

You insisted on dressing me,
While you remained beautifully naked:
“With these clothes on
You look nothing like you are
in bed, but it is not a lie,
not a disguise, it is a second skin. ”

(for Route042, nods to Zhuangzi)

If you are in Montreal on Saturday,  Aug 17, 2013, come and say hello at:

August 17, 2013 12pm – 6pm
Comité Social Centre-Sud
1710 Beaudry Beaudry Subway Station
Wheelchair Accessible

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