Silent at my door


Usually unseen
Today you present yourself
Silent at my door
Latticed wings—jade almond eyes—
Enchant—but where’s your sad song?


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Depth Charge:  A disembodied voice, someone you’ve only heard on the radio, talked to on the phone, or heard through thin apartment walls, suddenly takes corporeal form; it is always surprising.

Monday, as I extended my key toward the front door lock, I noticed a cicada clinging to the wall beside the doorbell. I carefully looked him over and then photographed him with my cellphone.  I went inside with my groceries and left him alone, but his presence was too strongly felt.

I thought, if he is going to die I might as well take him in and keep him, so I went downstairs and prodded him a bit. Then I gently plucked him off the wall. There was definitely some resistance.

Taking him upstairs I placed him on the beautiful orange notebook I had received as a Deathday gift and began to photograph him at various angles. I started to feel like a bit of a pervert, someone who had snatched a victim off the street and was now forcing the unlucky object of my interest to pose and perform.


The cicada seemed to rally and it buzzed its wings a few times, perhaps it was not as close to death as I had thought, so I placed him on the brick wall out back. He gladly fastened onto it.

I checked back every once and awhile. He stayed for about a half-an-hour, but at some point he flew away.

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A new chapbook, as close as the clouds by Andrew Grimes Griffin, is available for free reading online and/or download.

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