Moon Haiku for Eliza Griffiths’ Birthday

New Yorker by Eliza Griffiths

Eliza Griffiths, New Yorker, 2013

Reflecting the light
You and the moon—great painters
Of nuance and change

(for Eliza Griffiths)

Depth Charge:  Eliza Griffiths‘ next exhibition is Touched, at gallery Mulherin + Pollard, opening November 07, 2013, 187 CHRYSTIE STREET, NY, NY 10002

If you’d like to view the poetry and writing that is not tanka, or tanka related, please click here. 

A new chapbook, as close as the clouds by Andrew Grimes Griffin, is available for free reading online and/or download.

To read Songs about Sex, Death & Cicadas by Andrew Grimes Griffin, just click on the link. To download a pdf, right click on the link and select “Save link as…”


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