When I have ceased to wonder

sunburst of fallen leaves on Mount Royal

Opening my eyes
You warm in my arms—amazed—
I must catch my breath
When I have ceased to wonder
I may possibly grow wise

Confronted with such grace
{justa pspace holde —by the grace of falling leaves—
Burdened with freedom
We will fall apart      —I’ll be—
Breathless               —and none the wiser—

(for Cutty)

Depth Charge: “When I have ceased to wonder, I may possibly grow wise;…” Oliver Goldsmith, The Citizen of the World, Letter III. This is the quote that sparked this poem. It started as a single tanka. It then became and double tanka, and, finally, it became what I am calling an Exploded Tanka. It retains the 5-7-5-7-7 scheme but has been exploded and pulled apart by the spacing and the use of em-dashes. It can now be read in four ways: first, as two consecutive tankas; second,as just the lines that don’t start with an em-dash; third, just the portions that are between em-dashes; or, finally, not at all. Reader’s or non-reader’s choice.

A new chapbook, as close as the clouds by Andrew Grimes Griffin, is available for free reading online and/or download.


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