Ferry to and from P.E.I.

M.V. Holiday Island

Dad held us
out over the rail
the water below
this was how and when
we learned the meaning
of living on an island

the red walls advance
then recede

each trip that rhythm


“The M.V. Holiday Island
will be arriving
at its final destination soon.
Passengers are advised
to proceed to their vehicles
in preparation for disembarkation.

“Have a safe and pleasant journey.”


Depth Charge: Other the next week I will be posting from a series I wrote in 1989 called Re:Cycle,  a collection of poems about my ambivalent relationship to my birthplace: Prince Edward Island. This first poem evokes a time when the only real option for getting on or off the Island was the ferry, a mode of transport that emphasized the condition of living on PEI. Now, most people take the Confederation Bridge or fly, neither of which are equivalent to conveyance by boat over water. There is still a ferry service from the east end of the Island, but it seems somehow superfluous now that Prince Edward Island is actually a peninsula.

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