The Catalog of New Emotions: S.I.P.

Privelege has its membership

S.I.P. (Rhymes with: Yes, I pee.) noun — an acronym for Self-Important Person

The way he swanned in here, I thought he must be looking for the  S.I.P. lounge.

She was parading around like Yugoslavian royalty; I felt like slapping an S.I.P. badge on her.

Etymology:  The acronym comes from V.I.P.,  Very Important Person, and is used to describe a sense of entitlement and self-aggrandizing that, while as old as human history, has hit hysterical levels with the onset of selfies and social networking. Just remember: If you have to blow your own horn, it is probably a tin one.

The Catalog of New Emotions is a project to refine our emotional sensibilities through the creation of new emotions and the development of a vocabulary to express these new emotions. If you would like to contribute to this project leave a comment the definition of the new emotion, including pronunciation; examples of usage; etymology of the word and why this new emotion is necessary.


To see all the entries in  The Catalog of New Emotions, click here.


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