Five Cicada Response Poems


Mid-March winter storm
No moon—no cicada song
Just soft white silence

Beneath frozen ground
Larvae are waiting to grow
Shells to escape from

I too have spent years
Living deep underground—but
Never learned to sing

Cicada singing
How long do you think your song
Goes on—forever?

We are meant to sing
In choruses—hearing you
Singing your solo
It is truly beautiful
But pointless and so so sad


Depth Charge: Each of the above poems is a response to a poem in Japanese Death Poems that contains a reference to cicadas, their songs or their abandoned shells clinging to tree trunks and branches.

To read Songs about Sex, Death & Cicadas by Andrew Grimes Griffin, just click on the link. To download a pdf, right click on the link and select “Save link as…”


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