Hanafuda Frost and Moonlight Sonnet by John Mackenzie

Maple Leave 3c Maple Leave 4c Maple Leave 2c Maple Leave 1c

August Silver Grass_04c Chrysanthemum 4c Sake Cup

Hanafuda Frost and Moonlight Sonnet
by John Mackenzie

From June into October
the nine-pound hammers of wind
and sun and rain beat and beat
down on maple leaves until
they glow from red through gold
in the forge of autumn days.

And then the sun is set aside
as the night is broken open
for trace elements of frost
and moonlight to fold into
leaves before they fall white
and hissing, serrated blades
sharp around feet slipping in
and out of ice-rimmed puddles.

Depth Charge: To access John Mackenzie’s poetry blog, click on any of the maple leaf cards above. To find out why moonlight on the water is dangerous, click on the full moon card above.  To read an enjoyable article on the symbols of hanafuda, click on the sake cup card beside the full moon card above.

This year for my birthday we are having fun with Hanafuda and Tarot cards. John Mackenzie contributed this sonnet. To see the tanka I wrote for John, click here.

To see all the Hanafuda/Tarot tanka posted to date, click here.


One thought on “Hanafuda Frost and Moonlight Sonnet by John Mackenzie

  1. Reblogged this on Mumbling Jack and commented:
    Andrew Griffin somehow made it through another birthday. Last year he went with a Deathday theme, this year it’s Hanafuda and Tarot.

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