Four Poems To Be Read in Random Order by Sue Hughson

May Iris_02c May Iris_01cMay Iris_03cMay Iris_04c

Four Poems To Be Read in Random Order
by Sue Hughson


in days gone by we
called it fear or hope or joy
now mental illness


If you look at a
core long enough, you begin
to see an apple

I do not stay in places
I expected you to be


Some people woke up
happy, early this morning,
others did not wake

I could do quite nicely with
something that lies in between


I miss you, you don’t
miss me, reception crackles
here at sea

Starfish, answer’s urchin’s call,
devours her, the shell and all

This year for my birthday we are having fun with Hanafuda and Tarot cards. Sue created a fortune teller from an iris and inside were four exquisite poems.

Susan Hughson Iris Fortune Teller

Sue Hughson’s Iris Fortune Teller

Depth charge: For the story behind the bridge depicted in the May/Iris suit of the Hanafuda, click on the card on the extreme right above, or click here.

To see all the Hanafuda/Tarot tanka posted to date, click here.


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