Sweet Paulownia by Michael Leon

Sweet Pawlonia
Music and Lyrics by Michael Leon

Sweet Pawlonia blooms in spring
You and I’ve been through some things
The Sweetest blossoms never last too long
December flowers are cool and rare
crystals blooming in your hair
You were here and now you’re gone

You can cut me down and make me bleed
I’m gonna rise like that phoenix – watch me
Just you wait and see
Days may be dark and nights too long
And this might be a sad sad song
Pawlonia will always smell sweet to me

Met her on a Saturday
She drove all that gloom away
I thought my life was finally turnin’ around
But life is long and times got hard
And she and I we had to part
Misery lost is so easily found


A hermit’s life may be for some
And maybe I should be all done
Some live and learn, but maybe I just don’t
Fresh growth will drive winter’s pall away
And maybe next time she will stay
I’ll hold on to her or I won’t


12 December 4 Paulownia 12 December 3 Paulownia 12 December 1 Paulownia 12 December 2 Paulownia

This year for my birthday we are having fun with Hanafuda and Tarot cards.


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Barb Lougheed's Death Collage -- Detail

A detail from the Death Collage by Barb Lougheed.

To read the chapbook Happy Birthday Hanafuda by Andrew Grimes Griffin just click on the link. To download a pdf, right click on the link and select “Save link as…”


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