Together with this Sadnesss

after Henri Matisse’s “The Red Studio”

The rising gentle, gentle falling
Of your smooth chest within my arms

I find these things
Only become what they are
To me when I feel them

Together with this sadness

Where I got this this sadness
To be sure you do not know

It comes from having had and lost
All of this before

(for Cutty)

Depth Charge: On a recent visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, I was overwhelmed by Henri Matisse’s “The Red Studio” and I stood transfixed by its unifying field of red. The identifying label for the painting had a quote from Matisse: “Where I got the color red – to be sure, I just don’t know. I find that all these things only become what they are to me when I see them together with the color red.”


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