Effortless Substitution

Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei at the AGO_20131005_155628

When faced with a difficult
Question, we often answer
An easier one
Without even noticing
The substitution
So when asked why I love you
I simply answer—I do

(Renga from Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow)

Depth Charge: This poem started as a found inverse tanka (7-7-5-7-5 syllables) that consisted of a paraphrase of a sentence from Daniel Kahneman’s extremely erudite, informative and stimulating book, Thinking, Fast and Slow.  It then morphed into what I like to call masturbatory renga. In standard renga, two poets take turns writing the two parts of the tanka (5-7-5 and 7-7), but in this case the conversation is one-sided; I am simply reacting to what Kahneman has written and turning into a found poem, an exchange with myself stimulated by the thoughts of another: mental masturbation.

A new chapbook, as close as the clouds by Andrew Grimes Griffin, is available for free reading online and/or download.

As close as the clouds (for Cutty) by Andrew Grimes Griffin

As close as the clouds (for Cutty), a new chapbook by Andrew Grimes Griffin