Poetry: A Leaky Boat on a Stormy Sea

Chilhuly's Boat

Chiluly at the Monteral Museum of Fine Art.

Endlessly fascinating to me are language and emotions, their connections (Why are descriptions of things falling – rain, leaves, flower petals—inherently sad?) and disconnections (Why is it that the last thing in the world likely to make you angry is the word “anger”?). That some sentences can actually evoke laughter and tears, rage and sorrow in a reader is nothing short of miraculous.

As a poet, my response to emotionally charged situations, images and events is to write, to respond to the chaos of feelings with carefully constructed verbal assemblages, but it is not therapy, not an attempt to assuage the feelings, or cage them, or tame them, or even explain them.

When I feel most satisfied with something I have written is when the poem floats on the emotions like a leaky boat on a stormy sea.


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