Monkey No Aware #14 The Trouble with Saving Souls

lacrimae rerum by Andrew Grimes Griffin

The concept of a “soul,” is surely among the most reactionary, anti-human concepts every created. It posits something that is unchanging, and life is about change. It is supposed to be the essence of you, but it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to “god”; therefore, in order to save it, god’s representatives, be they priests, rabbis, mullahs or Dalai Lama’s are justified in doing anything – including enslavement, torture and murder. You don’t need to look to the middle ages for examples – just look to the Evangelical Christians who force their gay children to undergo therapy to cure their homosexuality or the Muslim father who slaughters both his daughters to protect his and their honor. These things, and worse, are being done today in order to save eternal souls.