Why two men fucking

A Reason to Rise_20140113

For the life of me
x    It’s incomprehensible
x        Why two men fucking
x             Is seen as something shameful
x             Not viewed like the rising sun
x        Natural and bright
x   A sight to heat our red blood
A reason to rise


Depth Charge: Over the past several months, various nations around the globe have been harshly criminalizing homosexuality: India’s top court re-criminalized it after it had been legalized; Uganda (Subsequently, Uganda’s president refused to pass the law, but remains homophobic.) and Nigeria in Africa passed draconian anti-gay laws, and Russia’s insane anti-gay propaganda law continues to send a message that it is open season on gays and lesbians in that country.  In all cases, conservative religious forces – Christian, Muslim, Hindu and/or Sikh – both within and outside of the countries concerned are major supporters of anti-gay legislation.

For those who are into the writing process, this is another experiment in Mirrored Tanka (5-7-5-7-7-5-7-5) and references section 28 of Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself where he describes, amongst other things, masturbating.

A new chapbook, as close as the clouds by Andrew Grimes Griffin, is available for free reading online and/or download.


The Piping Plover

Brackley Beach_20130803

The Piping Plover

objects in motion
objects at rest

steps are taken
if you are walking

on the beach at sunset
a bird with a broken wing

the piping plover
is small and secretive

just above the high tide mark
it thought hunger had drawn

your feet to its nest
sought to lure you away

by faking injury
it could not know

you are only feeling pity
or perversity

in the knowledge
that backtracking is impossible

Independent Thought

foxes, gulls, and crows
take their toll
with the necessary haughtiness
of scavengers denying

they have tricked many

Sunday School

the fear of           repeating
the dread of        mistakes

a creeping thing   delivered
a living thing          unto Thy Hands


the classic broken wing display
was tried without success

on the playground
children about suffering

instinctively know
and never turn away

Mistaking Motion for Purpose

as an experiment

Mary Jane, John
Susie, Laurie
Peter and me

piled into my wagon
at the top
of the hill

by rocking rocking
slowly slowly
the wagon started

rolling rolling
faster faster
Stop! It’s much too late!

a tangle of legs
and arms in the ditch
and someone screaming

Let’s do it again!
Let’s do it again!
Let’s do it again!

There are No Lessons to be Learned

we traced outlines
of our hands and feet
the teacher told us

We are The Hands and Feet of God
in the schoolyard
we knew this to be true

throw out both arms
spin faster spin
fall to the ground

you will feel the earth

unless steps are taken
the piping plover will become extinct
unless steps are not taken

AGG21031106 (Redux of 1989 original)

Depth Charge: This is a slightly cleaned up version of a poem cycle from 1989.  I still like its treatment of emergent sexuality in a religiously hostile environment and the various ploys, mostly ineffectual, that can be used to protect oneself. Ultimately, in a decidedly Daoist twist, inaction can often prove more effective than action. Amid the Biblical allusions and natural history references, there is also a rather obvious and deliberate misquotation of Musee des Beaux Arts by W.H. Auden.

My Mother Eats Jesus

Pope Benedict XVI

In honour of the resignation of this jewel-encrusted, sanctimonious turd, I present one of the first poems I ever wrote.

My mother eats
My mother eats meat and potatoes
Bleached and leather tough
My mother eats
My mother eats crow
Dished up a drunk
Hard to swallow
My mother eats
My mother eats Jesus once a week
Once every day during lent
Difficult diet
Designated by Cardinals
Men one and all.
She says,
To her little man,
“One day your whole life
She says,
“You’ll realize you’ve got to
Hold on to something
Bigger than yourself.”
With the belief my life was
Destined for disaster
If Jesus was in me
The skies would part
I would know
I ate
I ate meat and potatoes
I ate
I ate crow
I ate
I ate Jesus once a week
Once every day during Lent
For twelve years
The menu grew boring
Being freer to transcend
My mother
(Forever forced return
To altar
To stove
To cloister)
I finally figured out
Was a not so white lie
Those starchy little wafers
Don’t taste like any man
I’ve ever had
In my

AGG Sometime in the Eighties

Monkey No Aware #14 The Trouble with Saving Souls

lacrimae rerum by Andrew Grimes Griffin

The concept of a “soul,” is surely among the most reactionary, anti-human concepts every created. It posits something that is unchanging, and life is about change. It is supposed to be the essence of you, but it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to “god”; therefore, in order to save it, god’s representatives, be they priests, rabbis, mullahs or Dalai Lama’s are justified in doing anything – including enslavement, torture and murder. You don’t need to look to the middle ages for examples – just look to the Evangelical Christians who force their gay children to undergo therapy to cure their homosexuality or the Muslim father who slaughters both his daughters to protect his and their honor. These things, and worse, are being done today in order to save eternal souls.