The Dream of the Jet-Black Baby Rhinoceros


Jet black—ebony
Shiny salamander skin
A rhinoceros
A baby absorbed in life
Frolics unaware of death


Depth Charge:  Keeping in the vein of poems inspired by particularly vivid dreams I have had, here is an entry from my journal date September 14, 2011:

The Dream of the Jet-Black Baby Rhinoceros

The first part of the dream is vague and elusive. The atmosphere is tense. There is conflict and it has something to do with the two doors on the front of the building, about which should be used as the entrance and which the exit. I turn away from the doors and look at the lawn in front of the building.  A jet-black baby rhinoceros is playing there. He is both armor-plated – like black crystal – and supple like the skin of a salamander.

I shout to the others, pointing out the jet-black baby rhinoceros. We are all spellbound.

Our joy is cut short by the appearance of a gigantic spaceship in the sky. It is shaped like a black rhinoceros head. Somehow, I get the sense that it means to harm the jet-black baby rhinoceros. As it turns toward him, and us, it is suddenly and violently sliced by a laser beam from another giant, black rhinoceros head spaceship.

It should be noted that the baby black rhinoceros in the dream bore only passing resemblance to picture of the real life rhinoceros that accompanies this post, but I am not a visual artist, so I could not draw one like in my dream, can you? Also, it was not the now tragically extinct, Western Black Rhinoceros.