The Catalog of New Emotions: Jobbed-up


Jobbed-up (pronounced: /ˈdʒɒbd ʌp/ ) adjective — describes being in a state of anxious desire for something you don’t really need, convinced it is scarce when it really is not.

To job someone up verb – to induce in someone a state of anxious desire for something unnecessary by convincing them it is scarce when it really is not.

Usage:             I was so jobbed-up I maxed out my credit card.

The media hacks jobbed everyone up over the release of the latest iPhone.

Etymology: The word originates from the name of deceased flimflam man Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple computers and the master of instilling disproportionate desire for overpriced gadgets into the general population. Identification of this emotion is the first step to controlling it.

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