PInned Cicada

Experiments in sound, image and poetry.

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Nanjing étude 5 untitled (That fellow’s hung like a horse) by AGG & 王梵志

Nanjing étude 4 untitled (Knowing nothing is being wise) by AGG & 王梵志

Nanjing étude 3 untitled (When I watched you die that day) by AGG & 王梵志

Nanjing étude 2 untitled (Even the sun’s days are numbered) by AGG & 王梵志

Nanjing étude 1 Jinling Landscape/Nanjing Dream by AGG & Wei Zhuang

bird étude 4 corvid heart beating

bird étude 3 turning away (farewell, Yukon)

bird étude 2 the longest day

bird étude 1 two different worlds

cicada étude 4 worms of love

cicada étude 3 sick cicada/sick motherfucker by Jia Dao & AGG

cicada étude 2 remaindered (for Bob Read, d. 20001101)

cicada étude 1 lucifugous

tanka étude 4 april holds its breath

tanka étude 3 even the lazy

tanka étude 2 Our day of songs—night of stars

tanka étude 1 like water over a stone


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