My Deathday

Andrew's Last Supper

l to r Lynn Henry, Eliza Griffiths, Reuel Dechene, Andrew Grimes Griffin, Vivian Hodgson, Eileen Lavery, Ken Monteith, Nicola Makoway (not in the picture Emma Tibaldo, Michael Leon, Grace Lin and Clank) Tableau Vivant by Emma Tibaldo. Photo by Michael Leon.

It’s my funeral; You can cry if you want to.

This year I decided to do something different for my birthday; I decided to celebrate my death. The end result was an incredible evening of poetry, song, storytelling, drawing, conceptual art, chocolate cake, laughter and a whole lot of love. Over the next several weeks I will be posting the results.

To see all the posts to-date, click here

Or you can browse them individually here:

Rehearse Death!
The Invitation
Grace Lin presents Andrew’s “Death on Horseback”
Michael Leon’s Groom to the Salt song 
Dave Stewart’s Nightmare
One Afternoon, Andrew Disappeared…by Melanie Willis
The Unsinkable Andrew Griffin by Ken Monteith
The Dartboard of Historical Precedents by Eileen Lavery
How Andrew dies by Barb Lougheed
A Wit’s End by Sue Hughson
Pippa Shepherd’s Cinematic Send-off
Andrew’s Felinesque Demise by Catherine Matthews
The Owls Get Mad by Katy L. Breier
E’s Voodoo Doll from the Future
Vivian’s Portrait of My Deadly Demon
My Natal Day by John Mackenzie
This Poem Is a Knife by Lynn Henry, Part I, The Knife
This Poem Is a Knife by Lynn Henry, Part II, The Poem
This Poem Is a Knife by Lynn Henry, Part III, The Sharpening
Choose Your Universe Wisely by Clank


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